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  • Leadership Award

    Accelerating sustainable seafood and aquaculture with small-scale artisanal fishermen and farmers

  • Collaboration Award

    Acquire MSC certification through Fishery Improvement Project at the coastal areas of the Yellow Sea, China

  • U-30 Award

    Stock management project of hard clam fishery in Aso Sea, Kyoto

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The 4th Japan Sustainable Seafood Award

The Japan Sustainable Seafood Award (JSSA) started to more activate the sustainable seafood movement in Japan. It recognizes the projects/efforts for seafood sustainability in Japan that year and honors the best practice as “champion”.


Leadership Award
Leadership Award is for a pioneer project aiming to expand the sustainable seafood movement in Japan by setting the milestones for the industry. The project is executed by one or more companies/organizations, or a person.
Collaboration Award
Collaboration Award is for an impactful multi-stakeholder collaborative project which took an innovative approach to drive the change in Japan.
NEW!U30 (under 30) Award
U30 Award is for a project managed by an individual under age 30 or group(s) that is composed of mainly people under age 30. The concept and/or progress is more considered, as long as it’s designed for sustainable seafood industry.


June 8, 2022 - August 19, 2022
August 22, 2022 - September 16, 2022
Judge by organizers and juries
September 21, 2022
Finalist notification
*The finalists will be announced on this web page.
October 19, 2022
Award ceremony
  • *The award ceremony will be held during Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit 2022.
  • *Finalists of each project will have a short presentation time for their project.
  • *Champions will be announced among the finalists.
  • *Champions will be featured by Seafood Legacy Times, which introduces innovators of the sustainable seafood movement and be allowed to use the below logos for PR.


Makoto Suzuki (President, Japan Sustainable Seafood Society)
Mari Saito (CEO, afumi inc.)
Masaki Nakashima (Editor in Chief, The Suisan-Keizai Daily News)
Masanori Miyahara (Special Adviser to Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, President, All Fish Consulting Masa Miyahara, Former President of Fisheries Research & Education Agency)
Mitsutaku Makino (Professor, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, Tokyo University)
Satoshi Matsumoto (Seafood Program Manager, Sustainability Strategy Dept., Brand Strategy Division, Japanese Consumers’ Co-operation Union)

Organizer/ Secretariat/ Supporter

Japan Sustainable Seafood Award Committee (Aquaculture Stewardship Council Japan, Marine Stewardship Council Japan Office, Sailors for the Sea Japan, WWF Japan, Seafood Legacy)
Seafood Legacy
Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit

Past Winners

Leadership Award
Kijima: “Passing on Delicious Japanese Cuisine and Our Vibrant Seas to Future Generations”
Kijima Co., Ltd.

Collaboration Award
Ocean to Table: Blockchain-based Traceability Project
Kaiko Bussan Co., Ltd., IBM Japan, Ltd., IX Knowledge, Inc., Light House Co., Ltd.

Special Award
Usufukuhonten Co., Ltd.
Leadership Award
“CO・OP Sustainable” : Launch seafood under message"Protecting ocean resources" and efforts for “Responsible Procurement”
Japan Consumers’ Co-operative Union

Collaboration Award
Acquire MSC Certification for Kochi and Miyazaki Offshore Pole and Line Albacore and Skipjack fishery
Japan Offshore pole and Line Tuna Fishery Sustainability Council