- Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit 2022

Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit 2022

This year's theme
Designing the Blue Ocean Strategy for the Seafood Industry
Labor Rights, Biodiversity, and Climate Change—the Nexus of Sustainable Seafood Movement

The global collective efforts to establish a sustainable and responsible society continue to address important issues such as climate change, biodiversity and natural capital protection, and labor rights in the global supply chains.

Our ocean faces all of these ecological, economic, and social challenges and our collective action is more important than ever.

It is a cradle for living creatures and captures and stores greenhouse gasses as "blue carbon". On the other hand, the seafood industry's supply chain faces human rights issues, as well as challenges such as a decline in wild fish stocks and the number of fishing workers. Rising fuel and feed prices due to geopolitical risks have also put pressure on the seafood industry, posing challenges to food security. The time has come for financial institutions to invest in the ocean while assessing these risks and opportunities.

At the Sustainable Seafood Summit 2022, with a wide range of experts from international organizations, governments, companies, financial institutions, NGOs, and others, we will discuss a path to carve out a new area of Blue Ocean Strategy for the seafood sector.

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The first day will be held on Online/Offline. Booth exhibits and receptions are also planned. We look forward to your participation.


Date / Time
19th to 21th October, Wednesday to Friday, 2022
10 : 00-18 : 00 (JST) (GMT 1:00-9:00)(tentative)
19th from 19:30 Reception(Admission free/pre-register is required)
19 Oct, Wednesday Offline/Online
Venue:CONRAD TOKYO Annex 2F 風波(Fuha)

20 Oct, Thursday and 21 Oct, Friday Online
* We are planning to hold a real and online on the first day, but it may change depending on the COVID-19 situation. and Third day
The real venue is only held on the 1st day. Please note that the 2nd and 3rd days are online.
Participation fee
5,500 yen per person (tax included)
*Participants can view the archive for a certain time.
The reception site is scheduled to open in early September.
Seafood Legacy Co., Ltd., Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.
Walton Family Foundation and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation