• Leadership Award

    “CO・OP Sustainable” : Launch seafood under message"Protecting ocean resources" and efforts for “Responsible Procurement”

  • Collaboration Award

    Acquire MSC Certification for Kochi and Miyazaki Offshore Pole and Line Albacore and Skipjack fishery

  • Special Award


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What is the Japan Sustainable Seafood Award 2021?

The Japan Sustainable Seafood Award makes honorable recognition of the best projects for leading the sustainable seafood movement in Japan. The award began in 2019 to further accelerate the movement to achieve a sustainable future in the Japanese seafood industry.

The Japan Sustainable Seafood Award (JSSA) will feature two categories, “Leadership” and “Collaboration”. The submitted project should be related to the sustainable seafood movement in Japan and the winners will be prized as “Champion”.


Leadership Award
A pioneer project which contributed to expanding the sustainable seafood movement in Japan by setting the milestones for the industry. The project is executed by one or more companies/organizations, or a person.
Collaboration Award
An impactful multi-stakeholder collaborative project which took an innovative approach to drive the change in Japan.


June 29 - August 20
August 23 - September 17
Judge by organizer and juries
September 30
Finalist notification
  • *The finalists will be announced on this web page.
  • *Four finalists will be selected from each category (TBD).
October 12
Award ceremony


Akiyoshi Ukida (Executive Officer, Minato Shimbun), Setsu Mori (CEO, Alterna Inc., and Editor-in-Chief, Alterna magazine), Reiko Omoto (Department of Regional Sciences Associate Professor, Tottori University), Hiroko Sasaki (President, Chefs for the Blue), Kosuke Kino (Manager, Program Management Section, CSR & Citizenship Department, Panasonic Corporation), Takuya Hasegawa (Executive Director, Fisherman Japan / Social Responsibility Promotion Group, Yahoo Japan Corporation), Eri Oki (Japan Senior Advisor for the Japan Marine strategy, Packard Foundation)

Organizer/ Secretariat/ Supporter

Japan Sustainable Seafood Award Committee (Aquaculture Stewardship Council Japan, Marine Stewardship Council Japan Office, Sailors for the Sea Japan, WWF Japan, Seafood Legacy)
Seafood Legacy
Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit

Past Winners

Leadership Award (formerly "Initiative Award")
First in Japan: Introduction of Sustainable Seafood for Corporate Cafeterias - Transforming Consumer Behavior and Contributing SDGs from Corporate Cafeterias - Project
CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility Department, Brand Communication Division, Panasonic Corporation

Collaboration Award
“The Shrimp Farming Improvement Project in Sulawesi Indonesia (AIP) ” Project
The Japanese Consumers’ Cooperative Union, WWF Japan (World Wide Fund for Nature Japan ), BOMAR (PT. Bogatama Marinusa), WWF Indonesia (WWF-Indonesia)

Tokyo Bay Next Generation Traceability System Project
Kaikou Bussan Co., Ltd., Daidenmaru Co., Ltd., Nakasenmaru Co., Ltd., Lighthouse Co., Ltd.
Leadership Award
Kijima: “Passing on Delicious Japanese Cuisine and Our Vibrant Seas to Future Generations”
Kijima Co., Ltd.

Collaboration Award
Ocean to Table: Blockchain-based Traceability Project
Kaiko Bussan Co., Ltd., IBM Japan, Ltd., IX Knowledge, Inc., Light House Co., Ltd.

Special Award
Usufukuhonten Co., Ltd.