The Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium 2020 shift to virtual event due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the inception of the Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium (TSSS) in 2015, Japan has witnessed a significant increase in business engagement on the topic of sustainable and responsible seafood procurement. With the TSSS serving as a common platform, many companies have successfully come together to launch joint projects related to sustainable seafood.

As a result of the strong industry initiatives, the Japanese government announced the most significant reform of its fisheries laws in 70 years, fundamentally redefining the fishing regulations and resource management systems.

The TSSS2020 will bring business experts and leading professionals from the seafood industry, ESG investment and governance, coastal fishing communities, and government officials to share the latest knowledge in their respective areas of expertise and to foster innovative collaborations that thrive in the post-pandemic society.

The symposium will welcome both speakers and audience participants from around the world and will provide English and Japanese interpretation in a virtual setting.

Who is Attending?


In order to successfully implement sustainable procurement and policy, multi-stakeholder collaboration within the company is indispensable.


50% of the attendees are in the management level.


The issue of sustainable use of marine resources is also attracting attention from non-seafood


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