Since the inception of the Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium in 2015, Japan has witnessed a significant increase in business engagement on the topic of sustainable and responsible seafood procurement.
As a result of the strong industry initiatives, the Japanese government announced the most significant reform of its fisheries laws in 70 years, fundamentally redefining the fishing regulations and resource management systems. With the world’s eyes turning to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games, the Japanese seafood industry, one of the most powerful players on the international seafood stage, is on the edge of transformation.

The symposium will welcome both speakers and audience participants from around the world and will provide simultaneous English and Japanese interpretation.


2019 Highlights

With topics like marine plastic waste and conservation of marine resources becoming a globally important theme that was also discussed at this year’s G20 Osaka Summit, protecting the ocean environment and sustainably producing and consuming seafood has taken root and continues to spread throughout the Japanese market.
It’s not only seafood companies and trading companies. Sustainable seafood is permeating throughout different sectors: from supermarkets products to inside onigiri rice balls in convenience stores; on menus at restaurants and hotels; in the hands of famous chefs; on the plates at company cafeterias. With 2020 around the corner the world has its eyes on sustainable procurement.

Seafood sustainability will also contribute to meeting Sustainable Development Goals. In addition to achieving Goal 14 “Life Below Water” and Goal 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production”, sustainable seafood can be a power tool to revitalize local communities through the preservation of the seafood consuming culture and traditions.
Collaborations between influential companies and local communities through the utilization of technology and knowhow of AI and IoT is also on the rise.

Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium 2019 will showcase to the world the collaborative efforts between governments, businesses, local communities, NGOs and consumers.
We will introduce activities that improved corporate value, solved community-level challenges and reinforced branding. Together, we will accelerate the contributions of corporate ESG efforts and meeting SDG goals.

Who should attend

  • 水産業に関するアイコンGovernment
  • 水産業に関するアイコンRetailer
  • 水産業に関するアイコンWholesaler / Buyer
  • 水産業に関するアイコンFood Service
  • 水産業に関するアイコンCSR / ESG
  • 水産業に関するアイコンMarketing
  • 水産業に関するアイコンTechnology
  • 水産業に関するアイコンNGO
  • 水産業に関するアイコンSupply Chain
  • 水産業に関するアイコンProducers



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