Report – 9 | 東京サステナブルシーフード・シンポジウム 2018
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Report – 9


Tokyo Sustainable Seafood 2018 - Report Final

  Closing Remark

The 4th annual Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium gathered over 60 global guest speakers and nearly 600 participants from business, government, NGO, and academic sectors and ended with sharing the confidence to make Japan the next leader of the global sustainable seafood movement.

Anyone who worked in the sustainable seafood industry says, seafood sustainability cannot be achieved without collaboration. We witness the new initiatives, collaborations, innovations, and leadership at this year’s symposium.

At the closing remark, Sarah Hogan, Seafood Markets Strategy Program Officer from the Packard Foundation highlighted the importance of celebrating the successes.


“I saw great progress today through procurement commitment by retailers, participation to SeaBOS from Japan’s biggest seafood companies, and felt the importance of partnership. We would like to keep moving through this symposium as the milestone."

With Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games are just around the corner and companies are actively incorporating SDGs to their business practices, we believe now the window of opportunity to transform the Japanese seafood industry. Seafood Legacy, with our partners around the world, will continue supporting Japanese business leaders to adopt sustainable practices to realize a society in which we can share the joy of living in harmony with the abundant ocean with everyone.

Seafood Legacy sincerely thanks everyone who took part in this symposium and looking forward to seeing you again this fall at the 5th annual Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Symposium.


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